Software Quality Assurance Manager Opening - ColdFusion Development

We are looking for a new Manager of Software Quality Assurance. We have a team of 8 Quality Assurance Engineers doing some of the best QA work you will find. Automation using Selenium, Jenkins, MXUnit, and some of the coolest Atlassian Suite tools you will find. If you kill at that, or are an awesome QA Manager looking to learn some new tools, apply online at

Cheers! Jason

Managing Your Software Development Life Cycle

I gave a session on Managing Your Software Development Life Cycle at the CF.Objective() Conference last week. Below are the materials from the session. These are some of the tools that we use daily to implement the SDLC process discussed in the session.

The Functional Specification Template is a generic guide for creating a functional specification. I encourage you to use the portions of it that are relative to your business. So remove or augment as appropriate.

The Service Level Agreement Template is essential to running a service oriented technology organization. It sets the expectations on both sides for the service quality you will provide. Your organization may be suited for different uptime and responsiveness metrics. Whatever the appropriate metrics are, it is essential to have agreement with your customer on what those are.

The Release Scope Planning Spreadsheet is an incredibly useful tool for collaborating with business partners or customers on the scope, timing, and staffing of releases. This allows you to "show your work". With this many developers and this much time, we can deliver X. This spreadsheet template is designed to forecast out 4 releases so you can always work within the context of what comes next.

Enjoy! Jason

I'm Speaking at CF.Objective on Managing your Software Development Life Cycle!

After taking a year or two off of the conference tour (I was burnt out after a few years of hitting every conference in the Adobe and ColdFusion worlds,) I'm looking forward to speaking on a topic that is near and dear to me. I have been in many organizations and I have seen success and failure with Agile Development, and success and failure with Waterfall Development. The common thread for success has always been a well thought through life cycle for software development, including the tools that support that life cycle. The common thread for failure was a lack of understanding the impact of the process and tools that aid in managing your SDLC.

The details: In this session, we will walk through the definition and implementation of a full featured Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC.) Examples will be shown using Zendesk, the Atlassian suite (JIRA/Confluence/Fisheye/Crucible,) and other technologies and tools used along the way from requirements gathering to deployment.

Check out CF.Objective or the session information, Managing your Software Development LifeCycle

Happy New Year! Jason

FirstComp Job Openings - ColdFusion Developers, SQA Engineers, BI Developers, User Experience Design

We need you! At FirstComp, we are growing and we need people like you. Chances are that you would not be reading this entry if you weren't somehow into ColdFusion related development.

Want to be part of a team that is taking web application development to the next level? Want to work with people that know ColdFusion inside and out? We have some people that you probably have already heard of... like Steve Erat and Sam Farmer, and then there are even more folks you may not have heard of yet but I promise you that you will someday.

We currently have openings in either our Omaha or Rhode Island offices for Application Developers, SQA Engineers, Business Intelligence Developers, and a User Experience/Web Interaction Designer. I know what some of you are thinking, I don't live in Omaha/Rhode Island. Relocation is available!

Kiplinger recently named Omaha the "Best Value" city in the United States. One excerpt: "A brand-new, 3,800-square-foot home with four bedrooms and three baths in a western suburb (still just 20 minutes from downtown) runs $275,000". Beat that Cleveland!

Read the rest of article at Kiplinger's Best Value Cities 2011.

And then go and take a look at the job openings and apply!

Cheers, Jason

CF.Objective - Go vote on what you want to see!

I was taking a look at the CF.Objective 2012 Topic Suggestions page and it looks like not to many people have hit this yet. Proposals need to be in by November 28th! Even if you aren't proposing anything, be a good sport and vote on what you would like to see at the conference.

Go to -

I made two proposals for the conference:

There are folks that do a great job covering the other things I would be interested in speaking on, so these are all I am putting out there for now.

Please vote for the topics you want to see!!! Jason

Looking for a Data Warehouse Specialist - Omaha, NE or Providence, RI

FirstComp is looking for a Data Warehouse Specialist! Please pass it on! :)

Cheers, :) Jason

ColdFISH Plugin for Mango Blog Released

John Sieber contacted me two weeks ago, he was trying to use ColdFISH as a Mango Blog Plugin and was having an issue with the Toolbar not showing up. Mango didn't like the way ColdFISH was generating the Toolbar, but after a pretty minor change to the formatter component we were in business!

Checkout John's Blog posting about the release of the ColdFISH Plugin for Mango Blog.

John has posted the ColdFISH Plugin for Mango Blog project on RIAForge.

ColdFISH is now used by BlogCFC, Mango Blog, and Who's next? :)


P.S. It's always great to see your code being used. It's even better when people volunteer to extend your work. Thanks John for making the Plugin!

ColdFish Updated to 3.1

I just posted an update to ColdFiSH on RIAForge. This update is mostly just spit and polish on it what is already there. I added bolding for keywords (yep, huge deal), updated the default font (hope you like it, if not, you can change it), fixed an issue with viewing the text plain in case you are in firefox and want to copy code with all the spaces and tabs in the right place, and updated the navbar a tad, and turned off line numbers by default I think it looks better without... if you like them then it is easy enough to set showLineNumbers to "Yes".

Here is the result.

As always, please give me your feedback if you are using ColdFish (and if you use BlogCFC then you use ColdFiSH.)

TGIF! Jason

The King is Dead, Long Live the King!... Remarks on the History and Future of ColdFusion

Late last week, Adam Lehman announced that ColdFusion Product Management and Product Marketing would be passed on to a new team, and that team would be located with the ColdFusion Engineering team in India.

I believe my opinion on this is particularly informed/relevant and so while I don't generally like to comment on what is happening with Adobe, I feel compelled to comment in this case.

Many others have commented, some positive (Ben Nadel is making a movie of it!,) some neutral (Sean Corfield says "Reality check... these guys change Product Managers all the time" (loosely quoted... and don't I know that! :)), and some negative (John Mason says "we are all boiling to death and don't even know it!" (again, a loose quote :).) It's nice to see opinions out there. We are a community forged on opinions. Here is mine.

ColdFusion Engineering began moving to India about 7 years ago now. You may not be aware, but ColdFusion 7 was developed in large part, out of Bangalore, India. Program/Project Management was moved there about 5 years ago with the beginning of ColdFusion 8 development. Technical Support was moved to India and Canada about 4 years ago and Documentation moved at about the same time. Moving Product Management and Marketing is really the next logical step in a transition that was started many many years ago.

I believe it is unrealistic in today's global economy to think that an international company like Adobe should not and would not leverage the human resource development it has done worldwide to its economic benefit.

There have been comments that with the product team going to India, the new team will be less available and less knowledgable about the ColdFusion customer. ColdFusion is a global product, and I don't think the folks in Europe or Asia will see this as much of a change. They never had someone on the ColdFusion management team right in their city/state to call up. If they wanted to see someone from the ColdFusion product team in Europe, they went to MAX Europe or Scotch on the Rocks. So, now us North Americans are the ones that have to deal with not having ColdFusion Management in our timezone. I think most people won't see a huge change there. Maybe some of the community leaders that have known Adam for a long time, but you too can meet the new product team and become Facebook friends.

Will the new management be as good as Adam Lehman? or Alison Huselid? or how about Dave Gruber? Tim Buntel? or Kristen Schofield? These people had a lot of history and knowledge with the ColdFusion product and community. They were all experts at what they were doing and I know that they were all hard acts to follow. The fact of the matter is that people change jobs/roles all the time, and new people are recruited or promoted in to replace them. Sometimes moving on is at the choice of the person in that role, and sometimes a company decides that based on the company need. But it is unrealistic to think anyone should stay in a role forever and it is uncapitalistic to suggest that saving money is not a valid reason to move a role to a different location.

I believe this latest generation of the ColdFusion product team has put together a very strong plan for ColdFusion X, and the strategic direction that plan will take the product will propel it into a Modern Age of ColdFusion, just as Adam said. And I can only hope the folks replacing Adam and Alison will understand their customer base and deliver on that plan. I believe that Adobe management recognizes the need to keep ColdFusion strong, and if anything, I think ColdFusion will now have greater support within the Adobe political environment.

We can't tell how this change will affect the quality of ColdFusion X, and really as customers of a product the only vote we have that matters is with our wallet. I guess we will see how ColdFusion X does with sales when it comes out. Until then, I personally hope that the Community Leaders and stewards of ColdFusion will do their part by volunteering to provide feedback as this plan continues to evolve into reality. And I wish Adam and Alison the best of luck in their new endeavors!

The King is Dead, Long Live the King!

Best wishes, Jason

Senior Software Quality Assurance Engineer Position, Omaha, NE or Providence, RI

We just opened up a Senior Software Quality Assurance Engineer position! If you know test automation, we want you. :) We are using Selenium and TestNG for automation, and JIRA for Issue management. The opening can be filled at our Rhode Island or Omaha, Nebraska office. We have a stellar QA team that just needs more hands on deck.

Check out the job posting here!

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