ColdFish Updated to 3.1

I just posted an update to ColdFiSH on RIAForge. This update is mostly just spit and polish on it what is already there. I added bolding for keywords (yep, huge deal), updated the default font (hope you like it, if not, you can change it), fixed an issue with viewing the text plain in case you are in firefox and want to copy code with all the spaces and tabs in the right place, and updated the navbar a tad, and turned off line numbers by default I think it looks better without... if you like them then it is easy enough to set showLineNumbers to "Yes".

Here is the result.

As always, please give me your feedback if you are using ColdFish (and if you use BlogCFC then you use ColdFiSH.)

TGIF! Jason

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John Sieber's Gravatar Does anyone have ColdFish working in MangoBlog? I would to be able to use it within Mango as the output is so nice. I thought I remember that there was a reason that it would not work in Mango, but I'm hoping that I'm wrong?
# Posted By John Sieber | 4/29/11 6:08 PM
Jason Delmore's Gravatar I can't think of any reason it would not work with Mango blog. It's used by all BlogCFC sites,, and others. If you see anything that needs fixing or if someone just needs clarification on how best to integrate it, let me know. :)

# Posted By Jason Delmore | 4/30/11 2:55 AM
John Sieber's Gravatar I was able to get a Mango plugin working, except I'm unable to get the toolbar to show up. Is there any common reasons off the top of your head? Line numbers and the syntax highlighting are both working correctly.
# Posted By John Sieber | 5/5/11 11:34 PM
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