ColdFISH Plugin for Mango Blog Released

John Sieber contacted me two weeks ago, he was trying to use ColdFISH as a Mango Blog Plugin and was having an issue with the Toolbar not showing up. Mango didn't like the way ColdFISH was generating the Toolbar, but after a pretty minor change to the formatter component we were in business!

Checkout John's Blog posting about the release of the ColdFISH Plugin for Mango Blog.

John has posted the ColdFISH Plugin for Mango Blog project on RIAForge.

ColdFISH is now used by BlogCFC, Mango Blog, and Who's next? :)


P.S. It's always great to see your code being used. It's even better when people volunteer to extend your work. Thanks John for making the Plugin!

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John Sieber's Gravatar Thank you for the cool syntax highlighter and for helping me to get it working in Mango!
# Posted By John Sieber | 5/18/11 9:20 PM
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